Welcome To PeeServe

4 Jul 2019
So what is the point of this site? I guess it's a kind of hybrid tube site, but the focus is on making something far more user-friendly for piss fans. For a start, you can discover a great video on one of any of the popular video sites on our ever-growing list of supported sites (see your account video page) and add it to your collection here just by pasting a web address - all your favourites in one place and no downloading or uploading required! All the videos from your collection are available for everyone else to enjoy, so it's a kind of video sharing site too.

You can also create your own list of favourite videos from your collection and anyone else's collection, and you can unfavourite videos when you've got bored of them. As well as that, we're developing a search algorithm that will actually work! That's an ongoing process and it does rely on you the user to catalogue videos properly, but as the number of videos grows it should become easier and easier to find what you are really searching for.

Oh and that's another thing, this site could grow into the largest collection of quality, categorised, easily searchable free peeing videos on the web. And it will all be down to you, me and anyone else who wants to come and play :)

Adding videos here is quick and simple, so when you are off around the web discovering fresh new videos, you might want to leave PeeServe open in a browser tab while you surf so you can quickly add any treasures you find to your collection. If the same video, from the same site, has already been added here we'll let you know so we don't fill up with duplicates and you'll be able to add it to your favourites!

All that and this forum are just for starters. There will be more, so stick around and enjoy!
HI Splash !
Great looking site with a lot op potential !
I am sure i will spend a lot of time on this site !
HOpe it will get busy :D

26 Jul 2019
Thanks, AnonP and welcome. Also congratulations on being the first to post/reply in the forums! :)
Thx, im glad to be the one to pop you Cherry ;)

I guess this site/forum dos not have private messages?
And you dont get a notification that you got an answer here on the forum?

I think i dont even see a possibility to PM you directly?

27 Jul 2019
The forum is only simple right now. Originally it was only going to be for video comments, but then I got carried away and turned it into a forum. I will be adding more features like PM and notifications at some point.