How To Add A Video To PeeServe

5 Jul 2019
So you've been browsing the web and you have found a great video which you really love and you want to save it to your collection. Just visit PeeServe, click on the icon that looks like someone standing in a puddle of their own piss at the top, then click on "My videos + add video". Paste the URL (link) of the page that plays the video into the white form field and click the button or hit enter. PeeServe will grab the video and as much info as it can for you. Then you just post it!

The link address you need to copy from the video site and paste into PeeServe is the actual web address displayed at the top of your browser. On a desktop/laptop browser just click on the address and copy. On a mobile device if you click on the address it will bring up a panel with options, including an option to copy the address.

Have you noticed how crap the search features are on video sites? We have too! So we are honing a search algorithm to provide you and everyone else with more accurate results. We don't have advanced AI that watches pissing videos all day long to index them. Na, instead our search algorithm relies on the information you provide it with. So we ask that when you add a video, you include some basic info with it. Please be accurate and descriptive when cataloguing the video - it helps everyone out!

If your hands are busy with other things and you don't have time to catalogue the video you can add it with the "Save4Later" feature. This will save the video for you to catalogue later. However, to ensure that videos do get catalogued it will become available for other members to catalogue. Whoever catalogues it will get the credit for posting it!